Beepcons, proximity network of future

About beacons

Beacons are small transmitters that are permanently sending a signal in a distance from a few inches/centimeters (close), to a few foot/meters (near) and up to 70 meters to all devices that are listening for such a signa. It is apiece of hardware that uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (often referred to as BLE or Blue Smart) technology to transmit a signal. They are small enough to attach to a wall or countertop and they transmit messages or prompts directly to mobile devices. The iBeacon is simply Apple’s label for their Bluetooth LE beacons technology standard. While Apple has been aggressive in this industry since early 2013, it’s worth noting that BLE technology works with Android devices from 4.3 and above.

Fully supports latest technology

About application

Beepcons mobile app helps you discover our beacons or ANY other beacons around you.If your device is receiving a signal and it knows what to do with it, it will notify on the device screen about it with a message such as, here is something that might interest you such as a coupon or a special offer. It also allows you the possibility to change UUID, Major, Minor, Power and Frequency of the signal for our beacons.

Where you can use it?

Examles of succsesful incorporation of beepcon technology:

Application provides user an easy solution for event registration. User comes up with detailed information of the event, agenda.


Proximity marketing campaigns can include coupons, multimedia, product reviews, social media interaction, clothes, etc.


Visitors get information of exhibits (text, video and voice). Application helps them navigate in the museum showing their accurate position.


Get an added value in everyday shopping in supermarkets to save time and get the best prices for a range of products you are interested in.

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